Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Information is Out There

Now more than ever before, any information you could possibly need is available. For whatever goal you are trying to accomplish, the information is there inorder to allow you to acheive it. So the question is, what's stopping you from having the life you've always wanted? Often, the answer is that you are stopping yourself. If the answers are out there, all we must do is take action. Taking action is what separates successful people from unsuccessful people.

Fair enough, I'll concede that sometimes there is too much information out there and so it becomes very difficult to isolate exactly what we are looking for from the most credible source there is. So then, that requires more work. Isolating and then discerning the most accurate information means going beyond the act of just "googling" a key word but to dig deep beyond the surface for quality information. It means asking a lot of questions, accepting rejection but then continuing on until we get what we want. Continuous action towards a goal is what creates winners. G.G.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reinvent Yourself

What do you have to offer now? Whatever your idea of yourself is now, your potential is much greater than you think and you have capabilities that you probably didn’t even know you had. We human beings often limit ourselves and/or define ourselves by what we majored in in university or by the job we’ve held the longest. Even if you are great at that particular thing, understand that you have skills and gifts that you don’t even know that you have.

Now more than ever before, most people will have several different careers in the course of their professional careers. It’s the nature of our society due to many factors but most importantly the fact that job roles and business can become obsolete faster than ever before due to the internet and our now global market.

Some see this as a negative but it doesn’t have to be. I see it as a positive because it means we are no longer obligated to sit at the same desk doing the same exact tasks for 40 years.

As roles and business trends change rapidly, you must be prepared to change along with the times. You must improve yourself and your skills constantly or become obsolete. Therefore, never lock yourself into one course of action. If you are strongly considering living and working abroad, you must consider other options by way of professions as well as other means of generating money. It’s possible that current position you have in your home country is not possible for you in the country of your choice (target country) or if it is possible, it does not come with the same benefits or comforts as it does in your home country. There could possibly be other routes that will suit your needs depending on the country. G.G.

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