Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Re-evaluating Your Skills

One thing we should do before beginning to seek work abroad is to edit the most recent CV/Resume. But why stop there? If the goal is to seek, not only, a new job but in fact a new life; why not use that time to brainstorm what new skills have been acquired and what skills can be used in a different field?

What an opportunity! The decision to live abroad can also present the moment where one can design a new life. To get started, try to forget about your current position and make a list of all the skills and expertise that you have. Try to list as many things as possible.

Next do your internet research; begin to look at job posts in the country of your choice. Remember, if you are a native English speaker there are positions available that would not be possible in your home country. Keep all options open. Don't leave out the possiblity of working for yourself. Some countries make starting a small business is easy. Brainstorm what skills you have that may meet the needs of the country of choice.

For inspiration, have a look at some blogs of expatriates who live in your target country. Many expatriates are free- lance workers or small business owners. From that research and brainstorming, try to think of five different things that you could do for money in your new life abroad. Maybe three are very realistic but make the last two options your wild card choices. That is to say, two things you would absolutely love to do in your new life abroad. Keep this list and go back to editing your CV/Resume. Re-invention is a process and the best way to get started is to write down what you really want. Write the CV for the job of your dreams. GG


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