Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Best Way to Manage your Stress

Forget about therapy. The best way to manage your stress is to just breath. And its free.

Take a deep breath. Breathe deeply and bring yourself only into the here and now. Stand with your head held high and your shoulders pulled back, breathe deeply and smile. Do you feel stressed doing the exercise?

Breathing is essential. In order to listen to our bodies and solve the problem that is creating the stress in the first place, we must breathe; reconnect with our own resources and allow the options to come. You have a choice when you become stressed.

Now think of a typical stressful situation in your life. Welcome that feeling, get in touch with it and now let it go. Could you let it go? Would you let it go? You always have the choice to let it go.

Breathe, take a step back from the problem. The more often you do that, the more often the answers will come.


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