Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life Abroad Coaching + Language Study

Follow any of our 3-Day Coaching Workshops with two weeks or more of Intensive Language Lessons:

Once you've completed our Coaching Workshop, take advantage of language training in French, Arabic, Italian Turkish or Spanish at any of our locations, to prepare you for your new adventure!

Our Coaching Workshop/Language Combination Package includes;

■ 3 day Coaching Workshop in Montpellier or Nice
■ Minimum of 2 weeks language (of your choice) training
■ Housing assistance during your entire stay
■ Support service throughout the program
■ Access to client only website for continual support while setting up abroad
■ Opportunity to live and experience the south of France, Morocco, Turkey or Italy.

We partner with multiple language centers in France, Morocco, Italy Turkey and Spain to provide you with the best quality lessons for the lowest prices. We consistently take feedback from our graduates to ensure you receive the best language training possible. For Coaching/Language combination rates, contact us at info@lifeabroadcoaching.com

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